Tas Kafé—which means cup of coffee in Haitian Creole—embodies the belief of quality through simplicity. Coffee is complicated, but enjoying a cup should be simple.

I first experienced Caribbean coffee while visiting Jamaica in 2000 to attend a wedding. I fell in love with the sweet smoothness of Jamaican coffee from the first sip. That first taste enticed me to bring back as much as I could. From then on I relied on family and friends visiting the Caribbean to bring back beans.

Eight years after that first cup, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Haiti. During the course of volunteer work, I had the opportunity to taste Haitian coffee. Once again I found myself in love. It shared many of the same rich, smooth characteristics as the Jamaican coffee.

Aside from the great coffee experience I met with many people, who appreciated the work we were doing, but expressed their desire to be self sufficient. They encouraged us to continue our volunteer work, however, they emphasized the need for us to create jobs.

Upon my return I became fixated on developing a product dedicated to, inspired and created by Haiti. The idea was simple: To import, roast, and distribute Caribbean coffee throughout the United States, with the goal to revitalize the coffee industry in this region.

Inspired by Haiti and encouraged by family and friends, Tas Kafé was conceived in 2009

Greg Flaherty, Owner and Roaster of Tas Kafé Stay Warm & Stay Strong, Greg Flaherty, Owner & Roaster
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